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Slot Overview: Coin Quest

Are you interested in going on a nature hike in search of coins? Slotmill is a software developer, and its slot machine Coin Quest transports players to the well-traveled ground of Central America. Coin Quest is a collect system, three different types of bonus rounds, and many feature purchase choices combined into a cluster paying grid slot with an Avalanche win system. Coin Quest’s premise isn’t very fresh, but if you’re eager for an adventure, we invite you to come along. Just be sure to bring some bug spray.

Coin Quest starts off on the right foot by showing off a clean, appealing, though rather clinical, rendering of an Aztec temple. There’s a touch of rainforest, some rough masonry, and enough of Aztec motifs to get you in the mood. It failed to immediately inspire rage, but its aesthetic appeal was sufficient to warrant further examination.

Coin Quest is a highly variable slot game that may be approached in a variety of ways by players who are eligible. The game is played on a 5×5 game grid. Normal mode wagers vary from 20 p/c to £/€40 per spin, with the RTP available in two settings (96.12% or 94.36%). Below in the features section, we discuss the other modes that are available to players in specific jurisdictions, including three extra buys and the unique Burst Mode.

When at least five identical symbols appear vertically or horizontally next to one another, the winnings process begins. The Avalanche bonus round is activated once a cluster win occurs, and there are seven base-game symbols to choose from. Red, green, and blue tiles have the lowest values, paying out 0.25x to 0.3x for five of a kind and 6x to 10x the wager for clusters of 12 or more. The next four symbols are three animals and a skull, with payouts ranging from 0.3x to 1x the wager for 5 of a kind, to 12.5x to 40x the bet for clusters of 12 or more of the same symbol.

A Slot Machine’s Quest for Coins

The Avalanche feature is the catalyst for many of Coin Quest’s biggest thrills. By doing so, the grid’s winning clusters are eliminated, making room for a symbol drop to fill in the voids. After the symbol falls, if a new cluster is formed, Avalanche will activate again. As an extra bonus, a wild symbol is placed in a vacant slot just before the symbols begin to fall.

Receipt of Meter

In both the main and bonus game, avalanches contribute to the Collect Meter. When an Avalanche removes a symbol, the Collect Meter advances by one. When 25 symbols are obtained, the Sun God feature activates, bringing with it Coins and Wilds for use in gameplay. The counter is always reset to zero after each round of the base game.

Clusters of Coins

Coin symbols, in addition to regular symbols, get a 1x to 500x multiplier when they land. If five or more Coins fall in a cluster, the total value of the cluster is added to the stake. Payout is made, the cluster bursts, and an Avalanche ensues, but a new Coin symbol with the cluster’s multiplier is inserted into one of the empty places.

Advantage Coins for the Game

Two Coin Quest Bonus symbols anywhere on reels 1 and 5 simultaneously activate the bonus round. The collect meter will not reset throughout the bonus round’s five free spins. During Coin Quest, any Coin symbols that appear on the grid will remain there, albeit at the base of the reels until the feature ends. There, they may join together to form more substantial masses or values. If you get a +1 Spin symbol, you get an extra spin on the house. If you get three Bonus symbols on reels 2, 3, or 4, you’ll trigger Super Free Spins, which gives you four more free games.

Bonus Turns

When playing the main game, getting three Bonus symbols on reels 2, 3, or 4 triggers eight free games. Once the collect meter is full, not only will random Wilds and Coins be added to the grid during the free spins, but the win multiplier will grow by +1, all the way up to x20. If you get Coin Quest icons on reels 1 and 5, you’ll be upgraded to Super Free Spins and given an additional +4 free spins if you land the +1 Spin sign during the bonus game.

Amazingly Free Turns

Coin Quest symbols on reels 1 and 5, plus Bonus symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4, all result in 8 Super Free Spins, in addition to the two ways already stated. Coin Quest and Free Spins have been combined to create Super Free Spins.

In a Hurry

If this menu choice is displayed on your screen, there are three different methods to play Coin Quest. These include:

Coin Quest has a return to player (RTP) of 96.21% and requires a 40x wager to activate.

Regular free spins award 100x the initial wager and have an RTP of 96.36%.

Get the enhanced version of free spins for 480 times your wager by purchasing enhanced Free Spins. RTP is 96.58%.

Overload Mode

Burst Mode is an additional viable option for playing Coin Quest. This mode is extremely quick since the grid is disabled and the mathematical model is given free rein. The bet and the desired number of spins are both determined by the player. After then, the results just show up as raw numbers on the screen.

Case Judgment: Coin-Operated Slot Machine

Like the office’s perpetual nice guy, slotmill games tend to be universally well-liked. The guy who never says anything bad about someone behind their back and always has an extra pencil. These games are friendly and approachable, but they lack a distinguishing feature that sets them apart from the pack, thus they occupy a middle ground in the slot community, neither outsiders nor in with the cool kids. We don’t think Slotmill is striving for ordinary, but that’s great. The slots produced by this firm are fun to play and have some nice extras and payouts, but you get the impression that they’re capable of much more.

One such game is Coin Quest. Slotmill has done a great job with the fundamentals, visuals, and gameplay of Coin Quest. Let’s imagine Print Studios as a comparison, which took off from the comparatively secure ground of a Book slot and dove headfirst into the unknown. Slotmill may need to embrace a similarly risk-taking, innovative mindset in order to join the exclusive club of elite studios.

We’re good for now, thanks, playing games like Coin Quest. It’s a well-designed slot machine that pays out in clusters, has entertaining features involving groups of symbols, multipliers, and coins, and can generate payouts of up to 10,000x the wager. There isn’t much room for improvement, and it’s already rather solid. Slotmill’s creation is harmless, but it lacks the shining star quality that would make it a first-team all-star.

The suggestion that Slotmill apply their polished design skills in a riskier topic has been made previously, but it bears repeating. It doesn’t have to be a dark psychological thriller taking place in a Victorian era mental institution. The squad may be motivated to take things to the next level if you choose a more daring option.






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